Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book 2017: Identity Theft Reports by Type

Identity Theft Reports by Type

Theft Type

Theft Subtype

# of Reports

% Difference from Previous Year

Credit Card Fraud New Accounts105,209+3%
Existing Accounts34,260+20%
Employment or Tax-Related Fraud Tax Fraud62,682-46%
Employment or Wage-Related Fraud21,214+23%
Phone or Utilities Fraud     Mobile Telephone - New Accounts26,062+18%
Utilities - New Accounts22,064-2%
Landline Telephone - New Accounts6,034+150%
Mobile Telephone - Existing Accounts4,675+11%
Landline Telephone - Existing Accounts1,162+109%
Utilities - Existing Accounts1,107-5%
Bank Fraud  Debit Cards, Electronic Funds Transfer, or ACH23,229+19%
New Accounts17,487+2%
Existing Accounts12,754+24%
Loan or Lease Fraud    Business\Personal Loan11,129+3%
Auto Loan\Lease9,935+43%
Student Loan5,717+121%
Real Estate Loan4,411+3%
Apartment or House Rented3,625+39%
Government Documents or Benefits Fraud   Government Benefits Applied For\Received17,793+34%
Other Government Documents Issued\Forged5,396-31%
Driver's License Issued\Forged3,768-14%
Passport Issued\Forged520-15%
Other Identity Theft      Other39,667+6%
Online Shopping or Payment Account8,685+43%
Email or Social Media7,645+35%
Medical Services6,805+40%
Evading the Law4,127+18%
Securities Accounts1,634+18%

Percentages are based on the total number of 2017 identity theft reports: 371,061. Consumers can report multiple types of identity theft. In 2017, 15% of identity theft reports included more than one type of identity theft.