Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book 2017: Reported Frauds and Losses by Age, Percentage Reporting a Fraud Loss and Median Loss by Age

Report Frauds and Losses by Age

Graph of Report Frauds and Losses by Age. The highest losses were for those in the 60 - 69 year range (107,107 - 19%) with a loss of $109M, the 50 - 59 year range (95,450 - 17%) with a loss of $117M and the 30 - 39 year range (91,470 - 16%) with a loss of 86M. The lowest loss was for those in the 19 and under age range (16,488 - 3%) with a loss of $7M.

Percentages are based on the total number of 2017 fraud reports in which consumers provided their age: 555,834.

Percentage reporting a fraud loss and median loss by age

Of the 1,138,306 total fraud reports in 2017, 49% included consumer age information.