Do Not Call Enforcement; Project No. P034412 #565017-00021

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Mary M Davis
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Do Not Call Enforcement; Project No. P034412
I am commenting because there are legitimate reasons for robocalls and I don't want those sent to a second number, never to be seen or heard from again. Just for ME: 1) My bank uses automated calls to notify me of possible fraudulent activity. 2) My doctors' offices use them to "remind" me of my myriad of appointments, 3) But also to let me know they have mailed my prescription (which may be heat sensitive) so I can monitor when it is delivered. OR to let me know prescriptions I MUST go to the pharmacy to sign for are ready and available within the next 4 days. Being disabled the idea of them being delayed or thwarted is causing symptoms somewhere between panic and paranoia, rather healthy emotions considering the importance in my life. I am sooo excited to even THINK about the possibility of a reduction of annoying robocalls telling me "THIS is the "last contact notifying me about...", or "Congratulations, you have won..., but we have been trying to get in touch with you...", or "Are you aware PG&E and SMUD rates are going to increase soon and you will be able to...". This is in California where I THOUGHT these calls were suppose to be illegal unless announced by a person first, or you were doing business or had contacted the company. But I still didn't think that automatically covered robocalls unless you authorized it. I had to sign a paper saying it was ok for the Doctor and Bank.