Do Not Call Enforcement; Project No. P034412 #565017-00018

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Corinna Fritz
Heatguy, LLC.
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Do Not Call Enforcement; Project No. P034412
I'd rather see the robocallers prosecuted. How about a common sense approach? We already have caller ID in place (or dial *69 to get the number that called your phone last) and for those who are being harrased by ex-boyfriends, etc. there is a *66 that the victim is to dial to immediatly send the number of the phone (whether blocked or not) to the police. Why not a *?? number to send robocall numbers and their stats to a special FTC database that can be manned by volunteer or light duty sheriff, police, or FBI agents? Specially trained volunteer members of the public would be another option. All the FTC would have to do to make the *?? widely known is post it on Facebook. Volunteers to help fight robocalls could probably be found the same way.