Do Not Call Enforcement; Project No. P034412 #565017-00016

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Larry Robinson
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Do Not Call Enforcement; Project No. P034412
ROBOBAN What it is Roboban is an extension of the existing telephone switch software intended to identify the origins of harassing phone calls. No extra hardware is needed. When a robocall (or any other telemarketing call) is received, the person receiving the call enters a code on his phone. The switch then traces the call, and marks the subscriber's line with a robocall flag. How it works • The existing software used to identify harassing phone calls is modified to also identify telemarketer and robot phone calls. • The robocall computer (1) makes a robot call. • The telephone subscriber identifies a harassing, telemarketing, or robot call by entering a special code on his phone (2). The phone company will choose this code (for compatibility with existing uses). • The switch software (3) traces the call (using the existing ability to trace harassing calls). • If the call is long distance, the trace travels from switch to switch (4) until the phone line making the call is found. • The line making the call is flagged. • When five flags accumulate on any one line, that line is disconnected. • In the event the robocall is found to be caused by a computer virus (with the owner having no knowledge of the calls), the owner must have the virus removed and antivirus software installed before reconnecting his computer. How the user reports a robocall When a subscriber receives a telemarketing call or robocall, he enters a special code on his keypad. What can go wrong The main thing that can go wrong is abuse. People (especially children) might enter the code for calls that are not telemarketers or robocalls. This is why 5 reports are needed.