Do Not Call Enforcement; Project No. P034412 #565017-00015

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Michelle Block
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Do Not Call Enforcement; Project No. P034412
To the FTC/Robocall Challenge: Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest, and my congratulations to the winners. These are the points I wanted to emphasize in my submission: 1. Not all robocalls should be considered undesirable or a scam: for instance, reminders of doctor appointments, etc. At the same time, not all non-robocalls would be considered desirable or legitimate. This might include a caller who wants to talk about "our recent mortgage financing discussion" which never happened. 2. Robocallers using multiple phone numbers are a growing concern, in the same way that scammers using more than one e-mail address are. Investigation should be in process to determine the various phone numbers a robocaller might be using. I have a personal interest in seeing robocalls go away. My internet and phone line are connected; I can't access the internet for about five minutes after a call comes through on my landline. This is a problem because I'm a substitute teacher who books assignments via the internet. A robocall at the wrong time could be the difference in losing a desired assignment. I think it is great that the FTC crowdsources ideas to solve problems such as robocalls. I was hoping you would consider a suggestion: a similar contest to deal with the growing problem of IRS identity theft. I read that it has become the number one concern reported to the FTC. I also watched a related NBC News video: and also>Money. My suggestion is to crowdsource ideas targeted at solving this type of crime. I do have one idea: a special IRS I.D. number, but maybe the public-at-large could produce even more effective ideas. I was the victim of credit card identity theft in October, 2011, so this subject is deeply personal to me. I would be happy to be part of a citizens' task force if the FTC ever wanted to organize one. Thank you again for opening up this contest to the public, and I will look forward to seeing other contests in the future. Sincerely, Michelle K. Block [Redacted]