Do Not Call Enforcement; Project No. P034412 #565017-00010

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Ivan Bishop
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Do Not Call Enforcement; Project No. P034412
OnlyMyCalls was issued it's provisional patent earlier this year. Similar hardware ideas did surface in a couple of the entries in the FTC Robococall competition, but in this case , at least, the software and hardware has been relatively well developed and scales well through social/crown interaction that is at the forefront of many new public/private data initiatives. One only has to look at the Nielsen Media/Twitter ( ) initiative to see how this wave of freely shared data may shape media delivery and ratings. So, I remain hopeful about the idea OnlyMyCalls promotes. Dynamic response to privicay infractions is what I firmly believe will make it unprofitbale for those who see the telecommunications network as their own private delivery mechanism. Let's see what tomorrow brings, and thankyo FTC for announcing on the second of the month and not the first ;)