16 CFR Part 429, Rule Concerning Cooling-Off Period For Sales Made At Homes Or At Certain Other Locations, FTC File No. P087109 #563691-00028 

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David Christian
Nu Skin Distributor
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16 CFR Part 429, Rule Concerning Cooling-Off Period For Sales Made At Homes Or At Certain Other Locations, FTC File No. P087109
Federal Trade Commission My name is David Christian and I am a current distributor with Nu Skin USA in good standing. I would like to acquaint you with the way I became a distributor. I was told that I would have a story of how I came into the Nu Skin organization and that what I bought would be duplicated many times over from the people that I recruit and those recruits who will in turn recruit others. I was shown an angle on an overhead projector and was told that if I was serious about making big time money that I should buy a total kit at retail and buy five more for my first five people that I recruit. That total kit was about one thousand dollars and five more total kits were another five thousand dollars for a grand total of six thousand dollars. It was pointed out that if I bought the smallest kit available and only spent a hundred dollars on a kit and bought five more for a total of six hundred dollars that the difference between six thousand dollars and six hundred dollars was astronomical as that angle got wider and wider as more people were recruited and dollars would flow in if only I were to believe and spend six thousand dollars. I did spend six thousand dollars that day and hundreds of thousands since. I have had thousands of people in my downline. Network marketing is a pyramid scheme period and it is dressed up in lamb's clothing. Multi level marketing is an outright scam, that have high paid lobbyists, U.S. Senators, Congressmen, even Presidential candidates touting these multi-level marketing companies because they are in bed and receiving thousands and in some cases millions in donations from these network marketing organizations. Everyone that I have recruited has lost their money, like me or never made a dime. I have taken courses in network marketing when they were offered from the University of Illinois at Chicago, taught by a Harvard doctorate, Dr. Richard King, who as it turns out was also a Nu Skin distributor. He was brainwashed just as I was, like all the other recruits that were promised great amounts of wealth that anyone could obtain with some hard work. This could not be further from the truth. I for one would be happy to testify before the U.S. Congress about my experience and have all of these network marketing companies shut down once and for all. It is devastating families and yet the lies continue. I urge that you make a law that will return any and all monies spent by a new distributor and give them a month for a cooling off period, not three days. Please look at the website: www.diderikvannederveen.com for the padded numbers and the real truth behind network marketing that every single network marketing company wants to keep hidden. Respectfully submitted, David Christian [Redacted], California