16 CFR Part 455 Used Motor Vehicle Trade Regulation Rule; Project No. P087604 #563688-00016

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Chris Evans
West Gerogia Auto Brokers
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16 CFR Part 455 Used Motor Vehicle Trade Regulation Rule; Project No. P087604
I recently bought a used vehicle from West GA Auto Brokers. Prior to signing anything I had a Carfax pulled, test drove the vehicle, inpected the car myself, and took it to an independent mechanic for inspection. When all these things indicated that there were no major issues with the car I decided to make the purchase. I also bought a powertrain warranty (Perferred Warranty Inc.)at the time of purchase. Not 3 days after the purchase I had the service engine light come on. I took it to my regular mechanic and he indicated that it either had a blown head gasket($2,500 repair) or a cracked head($5,500 repair). I started a claim with my warranty company. My mechanic told me that a silicone sealeant had been put in the coolant system that he believes was put there in order to mask the problem until the car was sold. The warranty company informed me that it was not a repair that they would cover because they believe the problem was present prior to my purchase, that they only cover failures after my purchase, and I should try to reconcile this with the sellers. I contacted to sellers and they offered no help other than to advise they were not aware of any problem and for me to keep pressuring the warranty company to cover the expense. That being said, I felt like as a consumer I did everything I could to protect myself to no avail. In hinsight I firmly believe that the sellers were aware of a problem when I bought the car, but evidently there was no protection for me in any case.