FTC To Host Workshop on Mobile Payments and Their Impact on Consumers, Project No. 124808 #561018-00004 

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Valerie Buckley
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FTC To Host Workshop on Mobile Payments and Their Impact on Consumers, Project No. 124808
In april 2011 I signed up and paid for a tax class. $1,000.00 with my debit card. From June through November 2011 they were charging my debit card $14.95 a month for using a website that I did not ever look at as I became sick after I signed up and did not look at much of anything. I also paid $2,000 and attended a real estate class. We did not learn much new but felt like I was joining a new business and I knew I was going to be fired from my job of 12 years because of a workers comp suit. I paid $16,500 for a $24,999. class that was suppose to take place in June of 2011. I became ill after being fired from my job which was only 4 days after the class. and called on May2, 2011 to cancel. They would not allow it. The entire class was given a verbal guarantee that we would be reimbursed our tuition if we could not make that much in the real estate market. Finally in November of 2011 I was still sick so I asked for a copy of the guarantee about the tuition reimbursement in writing. I was told no such thing existed. The first class had a written guarantee which I could not fulfill because I got too sick. I am so vunerable. I just tried to refi my home and it has been at least 2 months working on this and after I paid the $400 appraisal we were turned down for the refi becausse of one of our credit scores. We still pay all of our bills, but our credit card debt is awful and refinancing our home was going to erase all credit card debt and our house payment was going to be about the same. I was also prepared to pay from my rolled over 401K any credit cards that were not covered in our refinance. The lender did not even have the decency to call me. Now I am just out $400.00 for the appraisal. You would think they could at least send me the appraisal. How does an appraisal from Jan. 2009 for $420,000 change to $295,000 in Jan.2012? We were going to refi for $230,000 to pay off all of our credit cards. So many other lenders have called me and I have told them it was all taken care of. People's Bank if definitely not for the people! The Isiders Edge or Evolution Group out of Utah are scammers. Who would ever be stupid enough to pay $24,999 for an unguaranteed real estate class? They used my debit card to charge a monthly fee for something I have never seen. I just closed my checking account to avoid any other trouble. Debit cards are great but too many people can just keep on charging!!! Do not ever give out your debit card number!