Request for Comments and Announcement of Workshop on Pet Medications Issues, Project No. P121201 #560891-00696

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Stacey Pedersen
Capitaland Animal Hospital
New York
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Request for Comments and Announcement of Workshop on Pet Medications Issues, Project No. P121201
As a veterinarian I am aware that the cost of keeping a pet healthy is rising. Veterinarians usually are small independent practices with high overhead costs. We have been limiting on hand drugs due the cost of inventory in this tight economy, so we are writing more prescriptions in recent years even if clients DON'T ask for them. If we are required to write scripts for all medications, regardless of whether the client asks for them, I believe the following will happen: -the cost of veterinary services will rise, because our business will need to recoup the lost revenue, this will offset the savings to the client and could harm the care of the patient (by clients not seeking care in a timely matter) -specific veterinary medicines are not typically available at human pharmacies, so clients will be forced to use online pharmacies, some of which have questionable reliability, black market medications could increase the risk to pet patients of adverse reactions or toxicity -more human pharmacies filling pet prescriptions will potentially increase medication error because human pharmacists have ZERO training in animal pharmacy, a cat is not a dog is not a horse is not a human when it comes to pharmacokinetics and toxicities, unfortunately, most medications used in veterinary medicine are human drugs used without a species- or disease-specific label The idea of forcing veterinarians to write prescriptions has come from large box-store corporations looking to increase their income. This legislation should be looked at with the intent to increase the health and safety of pet patients, not merely the economics of medicating them. If we base our decision to provide safe medicines to pets perhaps NO medications should be sold OTHER THAN by veterinarians. We are uniquely qualified to determine use, dose and drug interactions. If we force veterinarians to write prescriptions across the board, then lets require all pharmacists to be trained in veterinary pharmacology and toxicology. There goes your client savings.