Request for Comments and Announcement of Workshop on Pet Medications Issues, Project No. P121201 #560891-00599

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Bob Beede
Self employed Veterinarian
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Request for Comments and Announcement of Workshop on Pet Medications Issues, Project No. P121201
The consumers are not protected by the folks selling gray market pharmacy products over the Internet and in Big Box Stores. With the Internet, we have see foreign products, outdated products and other misuse. We were very compliant about responding to the PetMeds faxes so they then started sending us other local vet's clients requests. Since we verify that the request is indeed from a client of ours, we would not handle those bogus requests. The ads by PetMeds are degrading to the veterinar profession. I have started our own Online store which has been very successful. We are competitive and work to handle product guarantees and handle any client problems. We sell only to clients who have a doctor patient relationship with our hospital. Big Box pharmacists are a big problem as they are not educated in the realm of veterinary medicine and pharacy. A local pharmacist told one of our clients they could cut the product in half on Interceptor since they did not have the correct size. Since the product is not scored, there would not be a uniform distribuion of the product through the tablet. Another pharmacist was presented with Rx from out hospital for Mirtazapine which is used in veterinary medicine as an anti-nausea and appetite simulant but in humans as a antidepressant. He told the client we were using a dangerous drug on their pet and had no idea of how it worked in pets. Finally another pharmacist at a big box store told a client to not pay for that expensive Rimadyl, just buy Ibuprofen instead not realizing that Ibuprofen can casue a fatal hemorrrhagic gastroenteritis. Many outlets sell "pet aspirin" without the knowledge that this product can be deadly in cats and can have severe repercussions with platelets and GI mucosa in the dog. I have real concerns about the advice these folks are giving to our clients and they way they loss leader products to get them in their store so they will go shopping for more expensive consumer goods while waiting for the prescription. Even our local quality pharmacy are now stocking veterinary lable prescription products and do not know how to advice clients on their use, how to have drug monitoring done for adverse effects and what to look for with problems. They are often giving poor or misleading advice. The pet's best interests are not being handled by these pharmacies. Dr Bob Beede