Request for Comments and Announcement of Workshop on Pet Medications Issues, Project No. P121201 #560891-00567

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Request for Comments and Announcement of Workshop on Pet Medications Issues, Project No. P121201
I am watching your Simulcast today (Oct 2) "Distribution of Pet Medications" with great interest. I feel that it is VITAL to keep SAFE flea-killing products like FRONTLINE and ADVANTAGE available Over The Counter-- I can't tell you how many times a pet owner needs to run out to the store and buy a flea prep for their pet (like I had to do a number of times-- for any one of my indoor cats) late at night. BUT If THESE proven, safe products are not available OTC, then pet owners might resort to buying CHEAP, Proven Pet-KILLING flea preps like Hartz and Sergeants (and a number of other cheap OTC flea preps, one of which almost killed my cat). I am on a budget but I had NO qualms about paying almost $60 for Frontline for Cats (THIS is safe to use!), a SAFE Over The Counter Flea prep from PetsMart at 8:30 pm one weekend night when the regular vets was CLOSED -- it saved me hundreds (or thousands) of dollars I might have otherwise had to pay for treatment of a neurologically crippled pet (crippled or even worse - killed, from Hartz or Sergeants or other cheap OTC Flea preps, which are sadly too available OTC even thought the Hatz and Sergeants and other cheap OTC flea preps have been killing pets - cats and dogs of all sizes and ages - for more than 20 yrs). The Frontline WORKED -- and even though I KNOW it is safe to use on my cats -- I called the emergency vet to make sure it was safe to also use on my Kidney-function-impaired cat as well - it is. It took me two whole weeks to finally get rid of the fleas bothering her - but it was $60 well spent. She is now flea free and healthy (except of course for her mildly-impaired kidneys but she IS, after all, 17 yrs old). And I will continue to use Frontline on her -- expecially since I can buy it on line for almost half of what I had to pay at Petsmart (but I was VERY happy that they had the Frontline for Cats OTC at PetSmart because at that time, I needed it immediately!!) Thank you Azar Attura