Request for Comments and Announcement of Workshop on Pet Medications Issues, Project No. P121201 #560891-00486

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Meredith Boylan
New York
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Request for Comments and Announcement of Workshop on Pet Medications Issues, Project No. P121201
As both a pet owner and parent, I would like to comment on one line of argument, as expressed in the comment by Craig Adams: "H.R. 1406 is unnecessary and may affect the welfare of veterinary patients. It is currently a legal requirement, at least in the state in which I practice, to provide written prescriptions for clients when asked. Typically medications are dispensed in our clinic at the time that they are needed. It is in the best interest of our patients to start treatment immediately upon diagnosis, and to continue the treatment in an uninterrupted manner. Compliance with recommended treatments is already a concern for veterinarians trying to assist people in the treatment of medical conditions in their pets, and filling prescriptions elsewhere adds one more level of inconvenience for the owner that may drive reduced compliance and increased morbidity in their pets." When I bring my child to the pediatrician, and the doctor prescribes medication, I am faced with the same level of inconvenience, in that my next step, before being able to begin giving my child the prescribed medication, is to make a stop at the pharmacy to fill the prescription. This added inconvenience has NEVER prevented me from filling the prescription, because I care about my child's health. It would also never prevent me from filling a prescription for my cat, as I also care deeply for our family pets. Also, while it is true that my veterinarian will give me a written prescription if I ask for it, the dynamics of a vet visit make that very awkward. He never gives me the option, he simply gets the medication, writes out the directions, and gives it to me. Then I have to pay for it on the way out. If I were more focused at the time of the vet visit, with my cat protesting vigorously about being there, I would be assertive and ask for a written prescription. But the reality is, I do not think about that until I get home and realize how much I just spent on medication. Thank you for considering my comment.