Request for Comments and Announcement of Workshop on Pet Medications Issues, Project No. P121201 #560891-00279

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Tracy Land
Pet Vet Inc
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Request for Comments and Announcement of Workshop on Pet Medications Issues, Project No. P121201
While we routinely write,call in, & verbally & by fax approve prescription requests where appropriate, requiring us to do so in every case would be disastrous. First, it would increase our paperwork costs/overhead and therefore increase costs to the consumer. I assure you the veterinary industry is not going to absorb increased overhead costs - we can't afford to - the clients will pay higher fees for visits and /or paperwork fees. Second, paper prescriptions are too often lost, altered, duplicated, or repeatedly faxed. Do we simply replace "lost" prescriptions If not & genuinely lost - patients go without. If not lost, but drug seeking on the part of the owner - another set of problems. What keeps clients from faxing the same paper script to a dozen on line pharmacies Nothing. From altering the quantities or even drugs themselves Nothing. There are drug seeking owners out there that I am hestitant to give a piece of paper with my DEA# on it. In my experience, paper prescriptions are dangerous and should be outlawed altogether. Now you want us to be "required" to write more Much safer for all involved if paper prescriptions were taken completely out of consumers hands. Are you completely unaware of dishonest & drug seeking behavior on the part of pet owners Of their inclination to want to treat their own pets with stockpiled medications What are you thinking In Georgia, we are required already to provide or approve prescriptions when requested, via our state practice act. That is more than sufficient. You are simply making things more complicated, expensive, & dangerous for pets & owners alike. The public needs more protection from itself and government bereaucracy than from evil, greedy veterinarians. Consumers have become far too savy to tolerate veterinarians who won't reasonably cooperate with their prescription requests. And realize than all the income veterinarians are loosing to corporate competition is only driving up the costs of services that can't be obtained elsewhere, as we can no longer subsidize the cost of expensive care & procedures from that income. Yes, the consumer may pay less for products, but the cost of services is only going to go up to make up for the lost revenue. Cheap drugs are a false economy. That expensive procedure is now going to have to be paid for in full. The consumer will only pay more in the long run. Please think this through before you heap more government requirements on small business owners.