Request for Comments and Announcement of Workshop on Pet Medications Issues, Project No. P121201 #560891-00188

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New York
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Request for Comments and Announcement of Workshop on Pet Medications Issues, Project No. P121201
Here is more government bureaucratic hoops to jump through which will harm the veterinary client relationship not to mention increase cost to the pet owners for veterinary services. If HR 1406 is adopted that will immediately increase the cost of doing business for the veterinarian. If the veterinarian can earn a decent living by diagnosing, and treating pet disease while selling medications guess what the veterinarian will earn without selling medications Off course anybody with a brain knows the veterinarian is not going to take a pay cut with the expenses we all have, so prices for veterinary services will skyrocket while the pharmacy industry reaps the benefits of the automatic prescription writing required by HR 1406. Is that Fairness to Pet Owners The pharmacies are already ripping the public off with unfair high prices for human medications, now they are looking to prevent, yes, prevent anyone else from selling pharmaceuticals to pet owners so they can stuff their pockets with more cash from what is basically going to be a monopoly. I thought monopolies were illegal. Whatever happened to the fair trade act Fairness to Pet Owners Act, ha more like Unfairness to Competition Act. What about the convenience factor It is very inconvenient especially when a pet is sick for the owner to have to spend more time and effort to fill a prescription at a pharmacy when they would rather obtain the medicine from their veterinarian and start the medication right away. This is far better than what humans have to go through when obtaining their own medications. There will be increased risk to our animal patients when human pharmacy's are filling prescriptions for dosages they have no knowledge of in animals. That is not protection or fairness to Pets. Pharmacists many times call back to inform the veterinarian that the dosage is wrong for a pet (in their human medicine trained minds) wasting time and creating unnecessary concern to the pet owner when the veterinarian prescribed the correct dose for the pet. The pharmacist is not trained in veterinary pharmacy. Do you think a veterinarian can afford to stock a medication when he won't be selling it all before the exp date and throwing the rest out at a loss. The pharmacy industry knows that. With this economic pressure the veterinarian will likely not stock many medicines. Once that happens watch the prices go up at pharmacy's for the same medications. Many times we have to dispense dosages made by compound pharmacies because the exact dosage is not available in local pharmacies anyway. The pharmacy/pharmaceutical industry is trying to shut down national compound pharmacies as well as you already know. Our patients many times require specific dosages that are not available and in forms and flavoring that local pharmacy's cannot provide. That's another story.