Request for Comments and Announcement of Workshop on Pet Medications Issues, Project No. P121201 #560891-00157

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patrick harper
animal medical center
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Request for Comments and Announcement of Workshop on Pet Medications Issues, Project No. P121201
It is a fact that pets will suffer from neglect if veterinarians are required to write a prescription for every medication prescribed. And as a result of the pet neglect, owners(including their children) will undergo unnecessary sorrow due to their pets suffering and/or unnecesary death. How did I come to this conclusion The vet will have to drastically raise fees for all other services to pay for the extra time and paperwork required and the loss of revenue. How much do you think fees have been raised to cover the mountain of time and paperwork required in human medicine Many pets already don't recieve proper care due to cost, but many more will be added to that list if this requirement is passed. They will not receive preventive medicine or treatment when ill due to increased cost. How many more people will be accused of animal neglect or cruelty by another branch of government because they can't afford treatment Wal-mart has crushed almost all small business competition, and as a result HAS NO COMPETITION. Also as a result, you can hardly find anyone locally to service many products. Veterinarians may still be here if this action passes, but will the pet members of our families be serviced And how many owners will leave their vets clinic and go to the Wal-mart pharmacy to wait in line for who knows how long(and you know how long that usually is) to get their sick pets prescription WHILE LEAVING THEIR PET IN THE CAR. Mark my words, that will happen. Many won't take their pet home first. Don't let Wal-mart and Target pull the wool over your eyes by acting like they care about fairness to the consumer. You know in your heart they only care about their bottom line. That is all they do is sell. We veterinarians examine, interact with, treat, check the progress of their recovery, and even love the animals we service. Who would you think is more concerned about the consumer in this case A faceless group concerned about sales, or the pets doctor I consider cost to the client every time I place an animal on a medication. If there is a drug that I know will work comparable to another more expensive drug, I will choose according to cost for the client if there is a large difference. If I am only concerned about writing a prescription and not filling it, many times I won't even be aware of cost and the client will suffer DUE TO THIS FTC ACTION. How unfair would that be to the consumer But then again, who will care at that point I'll tell you who--me! The patients doctor and the owners trusted friend.