Request for Comments and Announcement of Workshop on Pet Medications Issues, Project No. P121201 #560891-00006

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Jean Wylie
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Request for Comments and Announcement of Workshop on Pet Medications Issues, Project No. P121201
I have had cats since 1995 and have spent tens of thousands on vets. Veterinary costs are rising at an alarming rate. I cannot afford the care my aging cats need. Every visit to the vet is over $300 due to tests the vet requires. It is little consolation to a cat owner to hear that after $300 worth of tests prove the cat is healthy, it will need $400 worth of teeth cleaning. I just spent $1700 on a cat who needed emergency care for blocked urethra - eventually requiring a perineal uresthrostomy. What was the role of the cat food It was Science Diet TD. In all this time the vets are still using exactly the same antibiotics - Baytril, Amoxicillon, and Clavamox. I am not seeing any advances in medicines for cats. Only recently was the opportunity to get generic amoxicillon offered to me. Where are the generic drugs Where are there any advances in antibiotics Why can't the drug manufactures produce medicines that are palatable to cats It is very difficult to medicate cats. I have not seen any advance in making drugs that cats would take willingly. One product has come out that addresses the problem - Pill Pockets, but it only works if the cat doesn't chew it. Which means most cats won't be fooled. As a cat owner who wants the best for her cats, I don't see any advances in the most common cat problem - kidney failure. Without resources, the owner has to speculate what role cat food has in the disease process. There are thousands of cat food products and many are dangerous to cat health. Only the cat owner really cares what food is best but it is impossible to research because of barriers to obtaining the critical information about what cat food manufacturers are actually putting into the food. I am convinced one of my cats died due to something strange in a Fancy Feast product. I didn't save the cans so cannot prove anything. The pet food industry must be required to label their products with the ACTUAL contents. Instead of "minimum" contents we must know actual contents. What is the real percentage of protein, fat, starch, vegetable matter What percentage is actually feathers, beaks and claws The definition of protein must be regulated also to insure that the ingredients claimed to be protein are actually digestible by cats! Wouldn't we all agree about that