Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Rite Aid Corporation, a corporation, FTC File No. 072-3121 #549855-00015 

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Karen McDaniel
Rite - Aid
South Carolina
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Rite Aid Corporation, a corporation, FTC File No. 072-3121
First, let me say, I absolutely trust my two pharmacists at my local Rite-Aid store, Myron and Mike. They are caring, kind and will bend over backwards to help me when asked to. I trust them with my well being and have peace in the thought they are over-looking my care taker's care of me, concerning drug interactions and alternate choices of less expensive drugs, with the same basic ingredients. Recently one my doctor's prescribed a medication costing over $100 (which I wasn't able to purchase,due to cost!) After I expressed my horror at the price, and I couldn't afford to get it, he called my doctor and suggested another, that cost me only %6.24 a tube. Which worked fine and solved my problem. Now, that is service and brings loyalty from your customers. I am sure the Rite-Aid company will set up check points on the issue of careless handling of cumtomers personal information. In my company, they set up a shredding service, which installed a large container in our office (and all others) to collect any sensitive papers to be destroyed. Faxes were arranged to be sent to each persons e-mail, to eliminate a chance of someone gaining access to personal information, being sent by banks, employers and other types of information, due to a fax being left at the fax machine for the person to pick up. The professional shredding company comes to pick up the box and shreds the paperwork on site. Thank you for pointing out to Rite-Aid and all the others, to protect their customers and themselves from the overwhelming problem of theft identity. Regrettably, another cost incurred,in the name of doing business these days. Sadly, they are being fined one million dollars on top of having to make expensive changes. They could use those funds to put in programs,above the normal standards and provide exceptional training to their employees. If indeed, the objective is to have them improve the way they handle this issue, why not give them a reasonable length of time to do the improvements, make good on anyone who has suffered loss for this problem and not have them pay the absorbident fines, which most likely funnel down to the employees and customers. That money is better spent on improving the problem. Good luck to Rite-Aid. I know they will step up to this challenge and protect me and all the others who value their services. How about cutting them some slack on the fines? Every business is suffering in these times. I don't want to see a company like Rite-Aid have to close it's doors or lay off those who had nothing to do with this issue. We all are dancing as fast as we can to keep up with the cheats, liars and thieves today! Challenge them to use that million to come up with better methods and "award systems" for employees who exceed well in doing just that! If the goal is to impove the situation, would it better serve being used to do just that? Thanks for protecting us all. Remember Rite-Aid is a victim in this as well! Sincerely, Karen McDaniel, SC