Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Rite Aid Corporation, a corporation, FTC File No. 072-3121 #549855-00007 

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Susan Katherine Lapp
New Jersey
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Rite Aid Corporation, a corporation, FTC File No. 072-3121
One of the reason's I Left Rite Aid Pharmacy in Bergenfield, N.J. before they moved/closed that store, and The Rite Aid Pharmacy Store in Oradell, N.J., & Bergenfield, N.J. on Portland, Ave. was due to the Horrible Treatment from not just the Technician's or the Cashier's'(s), at the Pharmacy. But, Mainly the Total Disrespect of the Pharmacist's to me, even though I was taking in controlledsubstance and my inhaler prescription's due to being Chronically ill, and even having in the past terminal Cancer, which now my Life after being disabled for over 20 yrs., due to being a passenger, in a car accident in 1982, while pregnant with my first son. I had been using Rite Aid Pharmacy's for a Long Time, But, The Disrespect & The Feeling of My Privacy Policy's with them ALWAY'S Bothered and scared me. Especially, when I used to actually see how many of the customer's/patient's, personal information was in the trash can's outside & was and felt the way I had ALWAY'S Seen this, and, being the way I was Treated that it was time to go to another Pharmacy. I was even in contract witb my Doctor'(s) at the time to use 1 and onlty 1 Pharmacy unless they were out of my medicine stock wise, & If that happened I would contact my Doctor's office to ask & let them know, I had to use & go to a Different Pharmacy that had my medicine in stock. Had caused me, to loose my Doctor'(s) due to the privacy act and the disrespect of not telling and informing my physician'(s) properly, when I had asked the Pharmacist Dept. /Pharmacist or Aide at Rite Aid Pharmacy Directly on having to PLEASE Let my Doctor know The Real Truth on Why I had to transfer Pharmacies., Temporarily, due to them telling me that the medicine I needed was not in stock, and sadly to say, Half to even Much More of the time, being in exscrutiating Pain!, as I was, Not being able to walk at all., I would see them fill the same Prescription for someone else that was waiting right in line after me. I( was hurt, angry and so upset that they Rite Aid Pharmacy, Knowing my condition's, from calling my Doctor(s), and me, Myself, Mrs. Susan K. Lapp, Showing them Documentation of my illnesses in writing from my Physician'(s)! I felt It was time to find a new Caring and respectable Pharmacy, with the same and more description of the pharmacist's and Technician's and etc.. I am unsure how much of my information was disclosed to the trash bins, for worker's that picked up the trash bins, and the / my information being used the way it should not have due to the privacy policy act's. That I had signed . Could you PLEASE LET Me know how to get this straightened out? For I feel As Rite Aid Not Only Lyed to Me in the past on top of the total disrespect to me and my personal records and information! Could you PLEASE help / Assist me in letting me know How I may / Can Find out if I was and am one of the people / person's that was violated with my personal information?, as I feel and think I was. Thank You Kindly!, Mrs. Susan K. Lapp. *I had another Other addresse'(s), than stated above also, when using Rite Aid Pharmacy.