Food Industry Marketing to Children and Adolescents Study 2, PRA #548733-00002

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Marvin Kauger
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Food Industry Marketing to Children and Adolescents Study 2, PRA
I strongly support the proposed compulsory process orders to the major companies that market food and beverages to children and adolescents. It is a definite public policy interest to understand the aggregate nutritional information of items marketed to children and adolescents. While this proposal is expensive to the companies which do market to the effected parties, most of these companies should already have this data on file as part of previous requests for functionally the same information. This request is to capture the difference between previously provided data, to identify new food items being marketed to children and adolescents and obtain the aggregate nutritional data on these foods. This will also serve to help provide the benefits of some proprietary research and move it into the public domain by the selective and targeted release of information related the marketing of food and beverages to minors. By understanding how these companies target children and adolescents, it will better inform policy makers as well as parents and other stakeholders about making appropriate nutritional choices for their children.