2010 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Rule Review #547597-00059 

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Daniel Grelinger
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2010 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Rule Review
The reality now is that there are no parental rights provided by internet companies for parents attempting to exercise their responsibility to protect their minor children over the age of 12. After much time and effort, I have found that Facebook will do nothing to allow me to find what my minor 14 year old daughter has posted online about herself or her family. Their answer is that 'privacy laws' prevent them from disclosing any information about minor children to their own parents. This is ridiculous! And Facebook has no phone number, no support department you can reach, just a inpenetrable electronic wall that says 'we don't care about the safety of your children if they don't know enough to care about their own safety. And even though we won't help you, we say it is your responsiblity.' Who bears the legal responsbility for our minor children? The parents do! And with this responsibility comes rights. These rights of access to information that Facebook has collected from our minor children have been denied. If Facebook will not willingly provide what parents need to protect their children, then federal involvement is necessary. Parents must be given an avenue to see all information collected and stored by Facebook concerning our minor children. Facebook must also be required to allow parents to remove any information their minor children have posted that endangers them. Is this not obvious? How in the world has this basic parental right been taken away?