2010 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Rule Review #547597-00054 

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Karla Talbot
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2010 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Rule Review
Please carefully review the COPPA guidelines that restrict elementary students under the age of 13 from using web 2.0 tools. As a professional, I can't ethically tell my students to lie about their age. At home, parents may or may not be aware of the web 2.0 tools that children are using. It's difficult to teach relevant technology skills to students due to these restrictions. I’m hoping our students will be able to access tools such as Animoto, Delicious, and Glogster. Even Google has a codicil that their services are restricted to those of legal age. Do you think that no one under 18 uses Google? Let's assure our children have access to current tools and are learning how to effectively and safely use the variety of online resources. Karla Talbot, NBCT Elementary School Librarian