2010 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Rule Review #547597-00010 

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Heather Hindermann
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2010 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Rule Review
I feel that so far this act has played a great role in protecting children under 13 years of age. I find it necessary to have such acts in place to protect those innocent individuals from new forms of technology that cannot cause for harm. I feel that there are ways that could be more protective to children as new sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter start to take such an impact on society. I feel that many loop holes still exist that can put a child in a dangerous spot when dealing with the internet. I feel by having more control on who can join such sites or what can be done at a certain age can help cause some sort of safe guard for children. I feel that by having this act in place can cause a safe feeling not only for the children and parents, but all those who worry about children using the internet.