Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Transitions Optical, Inc., FTC File No. 091-0062 #547238-00003

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Craig Chasnov
Eyetopian Optical
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of Transitions Optical, Inc., FTC File No. 091-0062
The same practices that Transitions was finally cited for, were perfected by the owner/partner of Transitions, Essilor with the Varilux product. The practices of Transitions have gone on for as long as they have existed and they were trained and used by the Essilor Varilux distribution network long before Transitions came into existence! They have used the same tactics to dominate the optical industry with no regard to fair competition. There is currently suit in the State of Washington to investigate the possible monopoly of Essilor and Vision Service Plan, the largest insurance provider of insurance in the US market in also non-competitive manner. If you think Transitions is bad, wait until you investigate the Varilux brand of gorilla marketing and unfair trade restraint that prevented every lab and still does today from promoting any other brand over the Varilux lenses or Essilor coatings. That unfair practice allowed them unfair advantage to purchase its own private distribution network of optical labs and to prevent fair trade in the optical industry. I can only hope that you act quickly as the consumer is being penalized by the lack of competition that exists in the optical marketplace due to the entire premise in-which the Essilor and Varilux brands have grown to monopoly proportions that is a detriment to all except the French company that has come to dominate the US market. I can certainly help point you in the correct direction to obtain all the written documentation of agreements that clearly spell out the rules to dominate the optical industry. I can only hope you take action prior to the entire collapse of optical industry in the United States of America. Craig S. Chasnov