Proposed Amendments to the Fuel Rating Rule, FTC File No. R811005 #547105-00002

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Dean Billing
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Proposed Amendments to the Fuel Rating Rule, FTC File No. R811005
The FTC has completely misses the point on pump labeling as regards to ethanol content. Auto gasoline is used in more than just automobiles. There are a lot of motors that cannot tolerate any ethanol, especially in the aviation and marine environment and in those small engines used in public safety. Because of the unintended consequences of EISA 2007, which is a corporate welfare act for E85, all gasoline in the country is going to be E10 no later than 2013 because E85 is going nowhere. It is imperative that there be consistent national pump labeling of E10. Some states like California, Ohio, North Carolina and others do not require pump labels that indicate any ethanol content. This has been disastrous for the marine industry and will eventually lead to deaths when small engines used in pumps, generators and portable tools in public safety use crap out or don't start because of E10. I urge the FTC to require uniform pump labeling of all ethanol content, especially E10, as a matter of public safety and consumer information transparency. Consumers, especially public safety officials, need to know what is in the gasoline that they purchase. There should never be any ambiguity about ethanol content. Unfortunately the ethanol industry is trying to repeal state ethanol labeling laws in many states, like Washington today.