Mortgage Assistance Relief Services - Proposed Rulemaking, Rule #546727-00008

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Mortgage Assistance Relief Services - Proposed Rulemaking, Rule
I've been following every resource out there in regards to this chaotic situation out there. You are proposing legislation against legitimate entitys that are dealing with a situation not of their own doing but where they are seeking a solution to help solve the problem. The lenders have never wanted to help the homeowners and the number between those seeking help are greatly disproportionate from those that have been permanently helped. Mind you I said permanently helped, that means not a band aid repair job that dropped their payments by a few hundred bucks. As you well know the economics have played havoc on the unemployment roster and many family have lost income that varies as high as 50% if not more. Laws were made to be followed, not mitigated by anyone other than the courts of law. Why is that so many violations have surfaced and yet in many case with legal help the families were able to continue longer in present situations until a remedy was resolved. An average family doesn't normally have the comprehension of legalese other than basic rights to be able traverse the quagmire that the banks have placed upon them. Without that protection then a lender will utilize state laws and required time constraints to foreclose on the home. There is no law that forces a lender to modify a loan. Under certain conditions that require legal intervention your ruling would take that right do to a homeowner away. We have laws for fraud, theft, malpractice and everything else that could be connected to criminal intent in regards to loan modification. Why is it that you are proposing a ruling that places the legal profession in a dishonorable light. Many if not all politicians are attorneys including many of our presidents. Your ruling insinuates that the legal profession has been compromised and can't be trusted and their is NO WAY that can be true. The safeguards have always been in place and nothing has changed. I truly feel that your ruling is not for the protection of the citizens but is self serving and actually takes that protection away. Their has been many successful lawsuits against lender only because of legal representation. Though I work for a Law Firm I'm not an attorney and this is my own opinion that has no bearing or affiliations with anyone here. I will however put this correspondence out to the public via every available social media to inform the public of your disregard for their right to representation. Thank you for the actions that you are taking for now I know that I can't sit idly by and let you culpable negligence lay the ground rules for ALL AMERICANS FUTURES.