Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of the Indoor Tanning Association, FTC File No. 082 3159 #546672-00082

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Thomas Brookshire
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of the Indoor Tanning Association, FTC File No. 082 3159
I honestly believe it is a bad idea to not inform the public of any information that may (and in this case been proven) to benefit them. It is so sad that we live in a country that is supposed to be free, yet, the truth on both sides can not be told. Please do not take away our right to crucial information from all sides of a debate. 98% of us are capable of making a wise decision once we have ALL the facts. So many medical and scientific papers now on the benefit of Vitamin D and it IS a FACT that sunlight (real or artificial) DOES produce Vitamin D in the human body and it DOES and IS the main reason our human bodies can defend off illnesses and disease. I would have to believe that anyone who supports not allowing the truth to be told on this issue has an agenda other than the health of all people world wide. The facts are out their, to stifle them is a major impedance on our entire system, mainly the freedom of speech. Especially when the ideas being expressed are FACT and can be PROVEN. Sunlight can be harmful so can drinking too much water, yet both are essential to life on this planet. Moderation is the key here, in my educated opinion, lack of sunlight (artificial or real) is more harmful than over exposure for most people. Remember that there are many areas of the US that do not get much sunshine in the winter months. Ironically, African Americans or other dark skinned people need MORE sunlight than lighter skinned people, this is due to lack of absorption of the sunlight due to heavier pigmentation. Just look at internal cancer rates for African Americans vs. Caucasians if you want more (keep it simple) proof. This really is a no-brainer: We NEED sunlight (real or artificial) as humans for many reasons other than just Vitamin D production. Thank you, Tom