Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of the Indoor Tanning Association, FTC File No. 082 3159 #546672-00078

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mark Wilson
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of the Indoor Tanning Association, FTC File No. 082 3159
This is CRAZY! You don't need parental consent for a minor receiving a free needle for heroin (needle exchange program)in many states and abortions without parental consent for minor girls but your worried about tanning beds? Will you also stop people from going to the beach or lying out by their pools? What about home units? And for those of us in the north where we only get minimal sun in the winter, will we just have to visit Florida to get some sun? This is not an option for most. Not to mention many people are still under the assumption that a burn turns into a tan so burning is how to tan! Its professional indoor tanning operators who educate against these dangerous burning practices. Unprofessional and unmanned tanning bed operators are the problem as I see it. That is where most of the trouble lies in my opinion. If anyone can buy a tanning bed and start letting people use it without following the guidelines already in place, then that is where much of the problem lies. Now, just because some abuse it doesn't mean everyone should be punished. A professional tanning salon who follows the already in place FDA exposure charts based on skin type have zero problems and never burn any clients, its the operators who don't follow the guidelines that make it bad for everyone. There is zero scientific proof that moderate Ultra violet radiation exposure in a non-burning form causes any health issues at all. Burns cause skin damage and no professional advocates tanning in a burning fashion. If you check the CDC website you will find some interesting facts about skin cancer. Go to and you will find that there is virtually no increase in melanoma rates since 1975! Did you also know that most melanoma is found on men in their 50's(who dont usually go to indoor tanning salons)but work outdoors and it is found where the sun doesn't shine like on the soles of feet, under the arm pits and other places not usually exposed to the sun? I have also attached some other info as well. If you take the time to go through some of the FACTS you will see no need to change the current rules in place except to maybe make sure rules are in place to keep unattended tanning beds from being used. Also, Vitamin D is manufactured in our bodies by being exposed to ultraviolet radiation and is the best way to get it, Naturally. Whether in a tanning bed or outdoors, our bodies know how to handle the UV exposure. Also, Why should people have to have their insurance companies pay dermatologists 75-100$ a session under UV beds the same as indoor tanning offers at 5-10$ a session for psorisis treatment?? Can you answer that? Even many dermatologists see this problem and suggest their clients without insurance go to an indoor tanning facility that offers tanning beds with UVB so they can afford the treatments. Sunscreen manufacturers who are making billions of dollars scaring the public out of the sun by misrepresenting the facts are the ones behind this concerted effort to stop indoor tanning. I hope you can see that. For the dermatologists out there complaining about indoor tanning, Its time to go back to school, there is much new evidence that moderate tanning can be good and has some benefit, after all , we have been exposed for millions of years and our bodies know how to handle it. As a professional I feel changing what is already in place will do harm to my business and will not stop people from tanning, it will just drive home unit sales up and that will not fix the current problem of people choosing to not follow the current FDA exposure charts based on skin type. I urge you to stop this nonsense and leave indoor tanning alone. If you decide to make sweeping changes then also outlaw going out in the sun, Its virtually the same in my opinion.