Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of the Indoor Tanning Association, FTC File No. 082 3159 #546672-00028

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Victoria Hebb
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Proposed Consent Agreement In the Matter of the Indoor Tanning Association, FTC File No. 082 3159
I am a 20 year old who was diagnosed with two spots of melanoma this past summer of 2009. When I went to the surgeons office he informed me that I more than likely got melanoma from the tanning beds. After doing much research, I realized he was right. I only visited the tanning beds a few times a week for about 6 or 7 months in my entire life, and I developed melanoma. When I would sign up for a tanning contract I would recieve emails, newsletters, and mail convincing me that tanning was healthy for me and that I was actually doing my body good. I realized what I lie that was when I developed melanoma. I wish everyday that I could go back in time and choose NOT to tan in the tanning beds, but I realize I can't. It breaks my heart everyday when I see girls and boys, men and women, being lied to about their tanning habits. They are being told it's healthy because they are getting VitD, and it's lifting their mood, and it's better than being in the sun. The REAL truth is that our bodies produce enough VitD from other sources besides the sun or artificial light, their mood will change when they realize how much they have increased their risk of skin cancer, and NO accessive amount od sun is good for you, inside or out - you NEED to protect your skin with sunscreen and shade! I was decieved by the tanning industry and the only way I figured it out was by getting cancer. I wish I would have been warned sooner and not lied to by people who just want my money. I think that the tanning industry should be required to openly post and admit the dangers of tanning just as cigarettes, since the FDA has now ranked tanning beds as just as much of a danger. All of this to say that the tanning industry needs to be truthful and warn young people about the dangers of tanning. I just don't see how a whole industry could be so money crazy that they risk taking the lives of beautiful young girls, daughters, mothers, brothers, fathers, and everyone else who tans.