i-SAFE, Inc. Application for Safe Harbor #546345-00011

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Linda Criddle
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i-SAFE, Inc. Application for Safe Harbor
Title: Ms. Linda Criddle Company: LOOKBOTHWAYS Inc. Washington State, USA To whom it may concern, I have been involved in evaluating I-Safe products and services for several years on behalf of companies and consumers. In my opinion, their safety materials fail to meet basic standards for quality, their 'test results' are contrived, and, after taking millions in federal and corporate sponsorship, their choice to now charge for use of their materials is a breach of good faith. I also want to express concern in their choice of using scare tactics to hawk their E-rate 'certification'. Schools can easily comply without their expensive assistance. Providing companies with Safe Harbor is serious work, and should be left to those who provide serious work. Let it be clear that my company does not offer Safe Harbor, nor do we seek to provide these services in the future. My comments are strictly with a view in mind to providing the best safety options for consumers and the companies that serve them. Respectfully, Linda Criddle President LOOKBOTHWAYS Inc.