16 CFR Part 610 Amendments to Rule to Prevent Deceptive Marketing of Credit Reports and to Ensure Access to Free Annual File Disclosures #545091-00572

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Mrs Denise McNally
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16 CFR Part 610 Amendments to Rule to Prevent Deceptive Marketing of Credit Reports and to Ensure Access to Free Annual File Disclosures
I have also tried accessing the "Free" Credit report online and found this to be VERY confusing with all the different types of free credit reports. I suggest if you have have to pay to receive your credit report then you must have the wording free removed if you have to purchase it. There is only 1 true "Free" credit report you can receive without having to subscribe to something. To me this is false advertising if you have to pay for it and it says its free. How is this different than Reader's Digest says you have won and then read the fine print and find out it you win only if your numbers are drawn. Again, deception to the public to enter their contests or their sells pitch. My suggestion would be to put a link onto the non-free credit reports if they want to sell their products as in credit protection services. I realize this may not be a big hit with the credit card companies, but the consumers need to be aware of want they are getting and if they have to click another link, then they are truly responsible for searching additional services. Trying to get your reports online through each agency is a little cumbersome also. You need to create ID and passwords with each company. Then you are sent to another screen for additional passwords. Then you have to remember each one to be able to go back and access the report again if you need to dispute anything. Let me tell you this if VERY Frustrating. There needs to be a better way to get these online. And try disputing something. I have sent all 3 credit agencies discrepencies to be resolved and only 1 actually has changed my report. What does it take to get the discrepancies removed? You just receive a letter stating the discrepancy could not be verified and they leave it. What is that all about? Why can't someone actually look at them and contact you or send a letter asking for more info? Sometimes it seems as if the credit industry is working against the average consumer who uses the credit. Maybe that is why so many people wind up filing bankruptcy because of credit card debt. Maybe the credit card company could actually help the consumer more with credit and credit issues. Also, there constant changing of credit card rates is hurting the consumer. It seems the credit card industry can do whatever they want on charging the consumers different interest rates. How is this determined? And why can they only give you less than 30 days notice of interest rate changes? Does this not also hurt the average consumner? I just feel there is too much leniency with the credit card industry and we need to make them accountable more. Thank you