16 CFR Part 610 Amendments to Rule to Prevent Deceptive Marketing of Credit Reports and to Ensure Access to Free Annual File Disclosures #545091-00438

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Ms. Paula Wilson
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16 CFR Part 610 Amendments to Rule to Prevent Deceptive Marketing of Credit Reports and to Ensure Access to Free Annual File Disclosures
My name is Paula Wilson, from 2006 to 2009, I taught credit seminars to persons wishing to become first-time homebuyers. The organization sponsoring the seminars is a faith based non-profit housing counseling organization. The audience represents persons who are low and moderate-income households with limited knowledge of the credit card industry and/or their credit protections. Through this seminar process many or introduced to the annual credit report.com site. This site is recommended as the only site to visit and receive your "free" reports. Then I must continue with a list of warnings of what they should be aware of when visiting this site to receive their reports. Beware, do not purchase anything, you want to obtain your report for the purpose of reviewing it, first. I continue scroll down the page until you find a box marked "No Thank You". The object here is to get through without making a purchase. Often times it may take several phones calls or actual walk though before a client can make it pass the obvious sales traps before reaching a No Thank you box. After providing numerous seminars, I currently urge those folks who have limited experience with the computer and/or online process to call the telephone number and receive a hard copy. This way I know they have not purchased a score or credit monitoring system that may be useless to them as well as a waste of money at this point. First what is required is an actual review to find out what are the necessary steps for credit review and dispute process. There should be no selling involved with the request for a free credit file review. There is no need to sell anything. Let's make the process transparent and just provide what is requested. That is what transparency is about, a straight forward process nothing fancy or complicated. The process could be as simple as this process developed for the FTC commenting nothing more complex. Their should be a "safe place" where the consumer could visit and request the file without being solicited, tricked or caught up in an online maze that keeps one from reaching the goal of receiving this free report. I challenge anyone participating in this comment process to visit the respective sites to obtain the free credit report. Please measure the time it takes, the number of nos and how many times you were lead or invited away from your primary task. No selling and no advertising is necessary or useful to review a credit file.