Privacy Roundtables - Comment, Project No. P095416' #544506-00116

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George Williams
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Privacy Roundtables - Comment, Project No. P095416'
Being in the direct marketing business, I understand the value of profiling and targeting a marketing message, however, there are attributes that are not relevant and should remain so. Social Security, Financial account numbers and Healthcare diagnosis should remain at the front-line of consumer privacy, Dislosure can do harm and does not serve a marketing purpose. Individual buying trends, product type, income level, spending trends, and common lifestyle demographics are the datapoints that help to provide relevancy to both the marketer and the consumer. More emphasis for self-reporting would be helpful allowing the consumer to share what they to share would be helpful, however, there should be the same importance on making it easy to opt-out without having to go to multiple sources. There has to be balance that provides both consumers and marketers an opportunity to give and receive relevant information. If there is a question of which is more important, I reoommend leaning to the side of the consumer who ultimately makes the final decision. Thank you.