Privacy Roundtables - Comment, Project No. P095416' #544506-00110

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Sandra Levy
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Privacy Roundtables - Comment, Project No. P095416'
When a business sells or gives away my personal information with out my explicit written permission it should be illegal.. On more than one occasion I have been on one web site bought something and then with out my knowledge been billed for a service I never requested from a totaly different website..That is wrong.. The internet MUST be policed not unlike security in a store. All legitimate internet businesses should be forced to join the Internet Better Business Bureau and be supervised by them..There should be a mandated logo on the site that tells consumers they are part of this.Next we need to EDUCATE the populace of how to shop on the internet and how to go after those businesses who fleece consumers. All companies who give out your private information to any other site need to pay stiff fines or be arrested..It is a felony to steal! Why is it different to STEAL information? THEFT is THEFT.We must make sure that the license to STEAL in this country comes to an end once and for all..