Privacy Roundtables - Comment, Project No. P095416' #544506-00104

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Darlene Anderson
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Privacy Roundtables - Comment, Project No. P095416'
When I look at privacy online I know that there is none at least according to my past experience. I have always attempted to purchase all of my soft ware and also I have purchase several computers over the years. Only to find out that they were really on lone until that next new upgrade that someone wanted you to purchase. And with all the new network management tools out there you don't even own the property that you purchase and put in your home it's like you open the door so that corporate America can see and track and collect data on every aspect of your life. The worst part of this whole thing is that most people do not even know to the extent of the perpetrated fraud. I purchased this last computer and because I transfer files to my computer that someone consider to be content that should not be on my computer well they just shut the computer down and then they took over owner ship of the computer and all these policies have been applied to me or the property that connects to the internet from my IP address. Now let me be clear I don't burn CD's but the files that were on my computer were from my past computer that were destroy by NT Authority. I have learned about many things most of all is that when I log on to my computer well it's not mine any more but I am logging on to a computer that is half way around the world. It's just a desktop environment that allows someone to collect data in regards to what is going on in my home because it is important to someone besides me. This is just a continuation of the same polices and the denial of freedom of people who wish to benefit on the back of the people living in poverty. It will always be about grouping people by race or ethnicity or social economic status. And the wealthy people are usually in the decision making process there for they make the rules. It took me a while to understand that this was all about who was entitled to make as much money off me as possible. And there is no governance structure around the Net work managements tools that are being used to control the population. I heard in a hearing recently that our government was concerned that the freedom of speech was being denied of people living in other countries. When I know that I was being denied access to contact my own congress members doing this past election. And you want me to believe that I am free in American. Well I will say that the invention of the computer was a great tool until corporation American became involved to see just how much money they could squeeze out of the mass of people who would become technology literate. I have only had the chance to make three payment on this computer before my service provider took over ownership and let's get real who is this state secrets a secrets too? The corporate media giants that want to control every aspect of your life will never play fair they don't want anyone to get a head in life. And putting more poor people just will entitle them to enslave more of the human capital that they will have access to and when you purchase a computer you never own it because when they send that little file to turn it off and your are not smart enough to turn it back on well you just continue to over extend yourself attempting to have access to what is happening in life around you this had been one of the most unfair process in life that I have had to deal with and I should know I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. There is no way for me to get compensated for all the computers that I have purchased in the past. And now I know that I do not have the right to own this computer I do not think that I will purchase another one. Unless I take one of these classes to stop the network management that is being done to the computer that I now have. I have a whole year because this one is still under warranty. I have not violated any law and because I am paying $300.00 every two months to Comcast Cable I don't feel I should have to pay to download music or to listen to music that I like to listen too. And if you can see how unfair this whole process has gotten understand that I pay another 100.00 for my cell phone service. Now that's just the communication part of my life. So please tell me what is the cost of privacy online.