Privacy Roundtables - Comment, Project No. P095416' #544506-00080

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Tab McDonough
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Privacy Roundtables - Comment, Project No. P095416'
I Demand Digital Transparency. I demand to know when and why personal information collected about me and other users is being handed over to the government and third parties. It’s not enough for companies to tell me that they care about protecting my privacy. I demand that every company that collects personal information produce a report detailing: * The number of demands made by the government and third parties for information received in the previous year, broken down into the following categories: federal and state search warrants, grand jury, civil, and administrative subpoenas, and court orders, * The number and types of action taken by the company for each category of request, * The number of individuals whose personal information was disclosed by the company by category of request, * The type(s) of personal information disclosed by category of request, and * The total amount of money received by the company to fulfill each category of request This report should be sent to a federal agency and made publicly available, and it should also be included as a link from every privacy policy. Vague privacy statements and policies aren’t enough. I want to know the facts. Thank you,