Privacy Roundtables - Comment, Project No. P095416' #544506-00056

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Kristin Van Dillen
Mobile Marketing Association
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Privacy Roundtables - Comment, Project No. P095416'
Good Afternoon, Thank you for the opportunity to submit these comments. The Mobile Marketing Association is a global, action-oriented association designed to clear obstacles to market development, to establish guidelines and best practices for sustainable growth, and to evangelize the mobile channel for use by brands and third party content providers. The MMA Privacy Committee is committed to outlining global best practices as they relate to protecting the consumer's private information. The attached document is designed to address the questions posed by the Commission prior to the first privacy round table. We look forward to having the opportunity for the MMA to take part in future privacy round tables, and are happy to provide additional information upon request. Thanks again for this opportunity. Sincerely, Kristine van Dillen, Director, Industry Initiatives and Partnerships, the Mobile Marketing Association Alan Chapell, President of Chapell & Associates, Chairman of the MMA Privacy Committee