Privacy Roundtables – Comment, Project No. P095416 #544506-00008

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ms Wanda Hamilton
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Privacy Roundtables – Comment, Project No. P095416
Our laws regarding privacy are a farce. For the free credit reports, there are many other misleading sites. Even going to, you have to sift thru advertisements. If you also want your credit score, you have to pay for that. Then I wasn't told they couldn't give me my report until after giving your credit card information. The printed request form doesn't call for as much information as was asked on the site! Why the inconsistency? HIPPA laws are a joke. Our personal information goes to all sorts of different offices, is seen by who knows how many people -- AND we are never aware of who is seeing it and when! I've been in doctor offices that said if you don't sign the HIPPA form, we won't see you. So much for having control over my records. Blue Cross uses social security numbers as ID#s. Other companies are allowed to require it on applications, too - Time Warner, phone company and others. Insurance companies and employers can check our credit reports before signing us for insurance coverage or for employment. I'm quite certain they don't have as much trouble getting my credit information as I do. I remember one employment agency cut the interview short because I wasn't willing to let them check my credit up front. I said I'd be glad to if someone were considering hiring me. That wasn't go enough. We are increasingly told to guard our personal information, our social security numbers, etc. yet we're faced with these onslaughts daily. And we wonder why identity theft is on the rise?! Another example, of how things were set backwards. Banks and other companies send us notices saying we can call this number or write this place to "opt out" of their sharing our informatin with others. So its left up to us individually to take action to stop them. The burden is put on the individual instead of the businesses. Its backwards! The burden should be on THEM - They should have to get our permission in writing to share our information. Please stop this. Instate laws that protect US, that enable us to protect ourselves and that give US control over who can have our information. Give us the right to refuse givng this personal information to anyone and everyone choosing to ask for it. I'm sick of seeing the laws lean toward the benefit of business. This country (and the laws) is suppose to be FOR THE PEOPLE.