From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-05204

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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
This entry is to make it clear that I am totally and completely opposed to the idea that you would even CONSIDER taxing conservative speech and then using tax dollars to both train and pay the salaries of the liberal media! Do you really believe that because you want this control and power it is fine to thumb your nose at the Constitution of the United States of America? Have you lost a grip on what it is to truly be American and what defines true FREEDOM? I view this as a clear effort to censor, stifle -- and even tax -- conservative free speech because you are threatened and do not want opposition. It is frightening when leadership of our Nation chooses to ignore basic principles of our founding, of our Constitution and the basic rights of the individual and instead abuses these powers to advance their own agendas. When much of media can no longer to be trusted to present impartial, unbiased news, unwilling to leave conclusions to their hearers, it is not surprising to find many citizens voting with their t.v. remotes and radio dials as is their right and privilege. When this happens, ratings go down and advertisers go where they can realize more for their dollar. Many Americans hungry for "the facts" and waking up to all we could lose here in America, are drawn to alternatives. As in our free enterprise system, we need to allow capitalism to work. People will vote with their dollars and businesses that cannot 'cut it' are followed by those that can. The process does work and has for a very long time. But, now,when it is not working for you it should be changed? - no matter the cost to the great principles upon which we were founded? We see your interpretation of the facts as not only incorrect but dangerous. There are comparisons to be made between you and a selfish, self-centered, schoolyard bully who has just been challenged. He will do whatever it takes to get his way with any he feels he can overpower or trick even though in his heart he knows what he is doing is wrong. As many parents work to teach their children, there IS right and wrong and there ARE absolutes. The END does not justify the MEANS. Word doctors..golden tongued orators...spinners of tales to conjure desired careful. Unless you add to your gifts, talents and skills - TRUTH, CHARACTER QUALITIES and TRUE WISDOM, you are in danger of becoming what my grandmother called liars, deceivers, hucksters and charletons who can never be trusted. I want to go on record as STRONGLY OPPOSING the guise of "better supporting and lowering the costs of journalism" when the true purpose is to censor, stifle and tax conservative speech. Thank You for this opportunity to express myself.