From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-05084

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Steve Work
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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
I strongly oppose any attempt by the FTC to create a journalism wing of the AmeriCorps. There are journalism schools throughout the USA, and those who wish to pursue journalism should attend such schools at their expense rather than taxpayer dollars. I strongly oppose any effort to bail out any media, and in fact favor dropping the current taxpayer subsidy for National Public Radio and National Public Television as both can readily attract advertisers as long as they continue to put together good educational and entertaining shows. I further reject any effort by the FTC to tax talk radio since I know shut ins who cherish their Christian and conservative talk radio. I do not agree with any more bail outs of crappy newspapers, magazine, radio, or tv media that simply repeat the same old crap that came off Reuters or AP wires that day. Journalism needs to investigate, report the news, and entertain....not simply mimic the first reporter or spin the news to support the worst president to disgrace the White House in my lifetime. We Americans need real news, and we need to know the truth about the corruption and thuggery taking place in the White House, in the Senate, and in the House. We need to know about the incompetence of the many government agencies, and we need to know who in our government is striving to dumb down our schools, allow bad food products to be sold, covering up for cost over runs, not reporting the bad behavior of our Congress, and blaming America for things that our government enabled to happen. I am in favor of cutting the FTC budget in half so they concentrate on what is really important to our country...better and faster communications, more competition of phone systems, recycle of the old land line phone system, and greater competition for news so that we hear the truth rather than the NBC, ABC, or CBS spin on how calling the economy bad could be racist since we blame Obama. I want my news media to tell the truth that Obama is incompetent, and angry at America. I want my news media to report that Michelle and Barack Obama did not even know how to salute the American flag. I want my news media to report that Obama and Eric Holder want to sue Arizona for doing what is the resposibility of the Federal government to do...enforce our border, and protect us from illegal immigrants. We can do a much better job of journalism in this country, and we do not need a journalism wing of AmeriCorps to do that. Let's force journalism and the news media to compete for survival and subscriptions. The best way to do that is simply allow the market to reward excellence. Whether the FTC likes it or not, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity, Monica, Michelle Malkin, and Rush are far more popular than "liberal" talk hosts because they report facts rather than the latest liberal talking points sent by fax from the union shop or Democrat headquarters. No bailout of newspapers, radios, or tv stations. No tax on talk radio. And no journalism wing for AmeriCorps. Thank you for your consideration.