From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-04896

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Renate Dietlein
In His Name Ministry
North Carolina
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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
This concerns the Media and free speech in our nation. There is currently a trend in the mainstream media which is based on personal error of the reporter or reporting agency. The root problem is not free speech but the personal error of the one who reports. This error is based on using the reporting position to further personal political views, rather than reporting the facts and what is true. My expectation for the reporter or reporting agency is that they would report accurately what was seen or heard and neither omit something or add to it. Every person in this nation should have the opportunity to form their own opinion about what was truthfully reported – and act accordingly. When the reporting agency is perceived as altering the facts and pushing an agenda, the people of this nation will no longer listen to them and ratings drop. In every American, there is a need to be free to make personal decisions and express personal view points without hindrance. Forming a media that expresses the viewpoints of an administration leads to Dictatorship and destruction of our free nation as we know it. I object to any censoring of free speech. There is a reason why there is a turn-off button on each TV. Opposing views which are not aligned with personal values and view points do not need to be received. It is important that reporters return to the code of reporting integrity – report truthfully and without personal opinion. We must remember that there is a difference between a report and an opinion column . When the American people see that the mainstream media has returned to the integrity that is expected of them, then believability of their agency is recognized and financial health returns. The solution for reporters who mix reporting with opinion : Report truthfully what you see and hear and start a blog to express and share your opinion- or change positions by becoming an opinion columnist.