From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-04640

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Aggie Spangler
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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
Hey FTC: LEAVE MY PRESS/ NEWS/ INTERNET ALONE!!!! NO CENSORSHIP, NOT NOW, NOT EVER!!!!! Do not become the open gate for: "F"ederally "T"axed "C"ommunism Please do not: "F"*ck "T"he "C"ONSTITUTION - STOP this Government/ FTC take over of the MEDIA/ NEWS MEDIA - READ the CONSTITUTION - it is against the United States of America's Laws. This administration must NOT be allowed to just STOMP all over the CONSTITUTION; OBAMA, his ADMINISTRATION are manipulating their way to achieve the DEATH of the CONSTITUTION by implementing GOVERNMENT,("OBAMA") and FTC take over and control (silencing) the NEWS MEDIA. - STOP trying to turn the United States of America into VENEZUELA. - STOP trying to CENSOR the FREE PRESS; Conservatives and Liberals, Christian and Atheist, all have a GOD GIVEN AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to be heard/ read. LAY OFF!! - STOP trying to SILENCE those who disagree with you and happen to have a different opinion than yours' the last time I checked, this is STILL AMERICA, the LAND of the Free (well, so far anyway!!!!). - NO new TAXES to pay for FTC & OBAMA silencing AMERICANS whether they are journalists, talk show hosts, or commentators - WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH - PERIOD. - NO to an "Americorp journalism division" to “teach/ train” (i.e. censor/ brainwash) future journalists; journalists have the God-given and the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to write/ speak FREELY WITHOUT OBJECTION or OBSTRUCTION. - NO to a BAIL OUT FUND for Journalists – PERIOD. - NOTE: the media, journalists, reporters, talk show hosts are NOT FEDERAL/ GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES and they SHOULD NEVER BE. The GOVERNMENT CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT to TAKE OVER THE NEWS MEDIA – IT IS AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION for which I HOLD dear to my heart along with my BIBLE. - NO additional taxes on cell phones, televisions or radios to build up a “Citizenship Media Fund”, (i.e. CENSORSHIP of MEDIA FUND). - NOTE: Change the $35 Billion (TAX) “Citizenship Media Fund” to what it actually is: OBAMA’S CENSORSHIP of Media FUND that will steal an additional $35 BILLION from the American citizens. Hey Obama and STAFF; STAY OUT OF MY LIFE, STOP TRYING to TAKE OVER & CONTROL MY LIFE, MIND, HEALTH and WELL BEING. I have done just fine without you for my 53-years. Again, this is NOT VENEZUELA and STOP trying to DESTROY the best place on the planet – leave the United States of America alone – OR JUST LEAVE. Aggie Spangler Pittsburgh, PA