From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-04434

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Howard Moye
Media Research Center
North Carolina
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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
Dear Sirs: Freedom of Speech is necessary to maintain a free nation that retains the ability to confront national issues in a manner that achieves a sensible, fully informed and reasoned consensus. Any effort by any governmental body to censor speech will operate to the detriment of the citizens of the nation. Any action to limit free speech on the public airways is a violation of every citizen’s constitutional rights. We see and suffer from the current President the damage that dishonest misrepresentations can cause. Many citizens were deceived. However, thanks to a free media many have come to discover the extent of his dishonesty and a consensus for correction is forming. Any liar in a nation that maintains freedom of speech and a free press and broadcast media will eventually receive their just deserts. Any governmental action to control speech will be an act of tyranny that operates contrary to the best interests of the majority in an effort to give special privilege to a selected group. Any subsidy to any partisan entity to facilitate dissemination of a point of view or agenda will operate contrary to the Constitutional limits of central governmental power. The same nation and factions that insist on separation of church and state cannot justify governmental subsidy for partisan political rhetoric. I plead with The FTC to reject any proposals that create a political bias in public law. The most precious and effective right to maintain an impartial government that respects the national census is Freedom of Speech and the dissemination of such. Your decision will be crucial to saving Liberty for All in these United States of America. Thank You for this opportunity to Freely State My Beliefs.