From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-04293

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Garth Jernigan
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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
I'm utterly appalled and shocked to even contemplate having to pay more in taxes in order to support those that can not support themselves because of the views they happen to espouse in the media which I might or might not agree with. That would mean that freedom of speech, or the press, would no longer apply at all if I, and other taxpayers, have to support a view we do not agree with. I think it's absolutely outrageous for the government to regulate speech, or the press, regardless of the format that it happens to take place in, be it via the internet via blogs, the traditional newspaper, radio, or T.V. For the government to force people to pay the salaries of people they disagree with would mean that freedom of speech, or the press no longer would be valid. If the liberal media has trouble competing with conservative media, maybe it's because nobody wants to hear the liberals, so why should the voice of conservatives be squelched by taxes in order to support failing liberal media outlets? That would force people to be associated via taxes, with those they would not freely choose to be associated with to begin with. If liberal media fails, it's their own doing, and why should anyone be forced to support something that nobody wants to listen to, or read? Allow the free market to determine where journalists are able to work as well as get paid for working. It's their choice to work where they might not get paid as much. If the liberal press doesn't like losing, maybe they should really examine what they are doing in order to see they might not be right at all. So I'm vehemently opposed to anything that is going to cause me to pay more money and end up with something I really don't like in the way of the media. How else will anyone know what the government is doing, if those that are outspoken and vocal about the government are silenced because of being taxed out of existence? That would lead to the same system that China has, the USSR had, and any other totalitarian regime, which is the government controlling all aspects of the press, regardless of format. Isn't this country above what other countries do when it comes to muzzling those that don't agree with the government? The only reason for doing anything like this, would be to make it possible for the government to completely take over every facet of everyone's life so that nobody has any freedom left whatsoever. This used to be a great country until the government started to regulate things that were free and stopped using common sense. The pen truly is mightier than the sword which is why nothing should be done to squash an opposing view of the government, or anything else for that matter. The media should find more creative ways of doing things in order to increase their revenue instead of reaching for a government handout at mine and all the other taxpayers' expense. Is the FCC willing to pay any increase of my taxes so that I don't have to? Do you want your grandchildren not have the freedom of speech and press that you currently have as well as forcing those future generations to have to pay more in order to prop up the government?