From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-04069

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James Haeberle
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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
Let me address all the left wing folks who feel threatened by a free press which seems to show that a loud, angry majority of regular Americans is outraged at all the power-grabbing which has been going on at the Federal level since the moment Mr. Obama took the oath. There are some eternal truths which you folks don't seem to grasp. One is that any money the government gives you came from your fellow Americans, not from the Government. Some of you behave as though you thought money drifted down from space. Whenever you have attacked our rights to own the means of self-defense (i.e. firearms) I have always stood with those who say, "OK. You want them? Come and get them!" Rather like Colonel Travis's answer to Santa Ana's surrender demand. In that case you are attacking the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, a document which I genuinely beieve to be as nearly perfect as anything of its kind on the plant. It was written by imperfect humans, but so many of them benefited from Godly inspiration in its writing, that I often think of it as just another book of scripture. Now you are attacking the First Amendment. The freedom it guarantees has allowed people you don't like to say things you like even less. So, like frustrated children who want to change the rules of the game to favor themselves, you want to create yet another agency (I've lost count of how many Obama has created, virtually all of them completely unnecessary)so you can establish government control over the press, broadcasting, and any other form of media which allow people to communicate to the masses. In other words,you are doing an un- American thing to your fellow Americans. Remember! Any power you give to the government to destroy your enemies will some day turn around to bite YOU when the balance of power shifts as it always eventually does. You seem to wish that the Sedition Act were still in force and effect. A mere 200 years and you've forgotten everything! A written law, as I suppose you know, usually DEFINES a crime and then sets forth any penalties which may be inflicted on those who commit that crime. But the Founding Fathers knew their History. They knew that, since time immemorial, momentarily successful politicians had been cutting off the heads of their rivals or potential rivals. But it was considered bad form to drop the axe on a person who hadn't even been charged with anything, so they would always charge them with one crime: Treason. When one of Henry VIII's wives had an affair right under his nose, he merely got people to swear falsely that she had committed acts of treason against England. The next thing she knew, her head was in a basket. So our Founding Fathers decided to DEFINE treason, not in just any ordinary law, but in the Supreme Law - THE CONSTITUTION. This protects political enemies from being jailed or killed simply for having supported another side in an election or a campaign. Here's what it says, and this is ultimately what Obama and others are plotting to get around whenever they take away any constitutionally guaranteed right. It says, "Treason shall consist of making war against the United States or giving aid and comfort to its enemies." I can think of only one person who has been giving aid and comfort to our enemies since January of 2009. He and those who follow his nefarious schemes are guilty of treason. Jim Haeberle