From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-03786

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Theresa Lancaster
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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
RE: Reinventing Journalism Proposal I am writing to voice my absolute "NO!" to the following proposals by your A "Drudge Tax" on news aggregators like The Drudge Report who stand on the front lines of the struggle to expose the Leftist agenda. -- A "journalism division" of AmeriCorps -- forcing taxpayers to pay the Obama Administration to train up the next generation of liberal journalists! -- A direct Journalism Bailout fund to "help pay the salary of every journalist" -- YOU AND I WILL BE FORCED TO FUND THE LIBERAL MEDIA! -- A 5 percent tax on consumer electronics (like the iPad) -- Possible taxes on cell phones, television and radio that would all be part of a massive $35 billion "Citizenship Media Fund" Face it, journalists are going to have to reinvent themselves and their profession in the new and permanent age of the internet. Unfortunately, many newspapers and news magazines will go out of business. However, I don't comprehend how it is up to the American taxpayer to save their jobs. Market forces, new technologies, and an ever changing populace will dictate the direction that journalism will take in our nation. I have great respect for journalists who report the truth because the truth resonates with everyone and doesn't require another taxpayer bailout. How could you think of taxing the very technologies that are helping to drive our sluggish economy? I would consider my family to be middle class and we already pay the following taxes: federal income tax, social security and medicare tax, property taxes, local sales tax, mulitple licensing fees (more taxes), taxes on all household utilities, gasoline taxes, taxes on many services, not to include the multiple new taxes yet to take effect in the monstrous health care bill. The citizens of this great country are saying "enough" of the spend and tax approach of the current Washington insiders. We are going to vote them out! It is not the job of the American taxpayer to save journalists. They must create a new role for themselves in our internet society. They must report the facts and leave their individual biases at home where they belong. It is not the role of the government to bring back the art of investigative journalism. This is for the profession to decide and enact. The media and the government should remain distinctly separate and watchful and wary of each other. This is the intent of the Founders and a core tenant of democracy. We must maintain a free and independent press so that the citizens can be informed of the abuses of this bloated and corrupt government that the career polititicians have created for themselves! Respectfully submitted, Theresa M. Lancaster