From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-03567

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Andrew Mount
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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
I oppose any and all efforts by the FTC to tax or regulate the internet and any other form of media. Print media has for many years been protective of it's Constitutional right to privacy and free speech. The internet, radio and any other media should also be given that same right. The same Constitution that protects the rights of the print media, also protects property rights, including the right to make money in any way one sees fit, with the understanding that a free market is necessary for a free people to prosper and be happy. Any attempt (supporting newspapers and their journalists) by the government to regulate or provide funding for failing enterprises violates this contitutional protection. If there is new technology that makes old technology useless then the old businesses will have to find a way to compete in the free market. At one point there were many companies making buggy whips prior to the invention of the automobile. At some point those businesses either had to find other business opportunites or they went out of business. This is no different. If people don't want or have a need for a product or service, then that business will eventually go out of business, and those employeed will need to find a new job. The government shouldn't support any private enterprise. Andy Mount