From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-03203

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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
To the Federal Trade Commission: In America, government is not supposed to control what people say nor what they hear or listen to, at all. Anyone has a right to express what he/she believes, even when he/she disagrees with government and everyone has a right to read or hear from anyone else whose opinions they wish to read or hear, even when those opinions do not agree with government. If freedom of speech is ever to be altered in the United States, it must be done by Constitutional Amendment. To attempt to take this basic right away from some by taxing it or by any other means or force is to oppress the people. It is an intuitive right for anyone to be able to say what he/she wants to say and without any fear of punishment. Yet, government wants to do just that. Freedom of speech is a requirement for democracy no matter what the issues are, but now, we need to know what government is doing or going to do and we need to know the truth about that more than ever, because our federal government wants to increase our debt so much and change our foreign policy so much that our Country will get taken away from us if these get fully carried out. The idea that government is going to make us pay through our taxes for some of the cost for our cellular phones and newspapers is going to allow them to dictate to us the news that THEY WANT US TO HEAR AND MAY NOT EVEN BE THE TRUTH. THIS WOULD BE AN OUTRAGE. Disagreement is part of the nature of democracy. Democracy is the only way everyone can have a chance to tell government what they think. That is a RIGHT for all citizens. Disagreement is inescapable in a democracy. Disagreement is LIFE. The thrust of where our federal government wants to take our freedom of speech now is the intimidation or taxing out or forcing out of all of the writers and speakers of Christianity and of a government that stays within keeping of the U.S. Constition. There are MANY people who WANT TO KEEP THESE. Both Christianity and the U.S. Constitution have been time-tested over some centuries and still exist and serve us well. We not only need to keep both, but those who speak about these great concepts HAVE A RIGHT TO DO SO. Many people believe that these people tell the truth more often than government does. GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT TO OPPRESS OR RESTRICT ANYONE'S FREEDOM OF SPEECH JUST BECAUSE THEY DON'T LIKE WHAT THEY SAY. THEY SHOULD NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE US PAY THROUGH OUR TAXES FOR COSTS OF CELLULAR PHONES OR NEWSPAPERS OR ANY OTHER MEDIA EVEN IF THESE MEDIA'S SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON IT!