From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age? #544505-03158

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From Town Criers to Bloggers: How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?
This is a violation of the Freedom of the Press as far as I am concerned. The US Federal Government needs to keep its nose out of American journalism. This country was does not need nor "We the People" want the US Federal Government controlling directly or indirectly the Press. We don't want American major news media owing the government for something in return. The reason that the major news medias like television and newspapers are failing is because their audiences are diminishing rapidly. Why? Because "We the People" do not believe, nor trust what they air or print today. Advertisers know this and that is why they don't contribute to advertising on unworthy markets. Let these corrupt major news medias fail, NO BAIL OUT! TERP hasn't worked for other industries, a bailout by the government will only extend the ultimate pain and suffering. Only the honest and strong in business should survive, that is how our country has been since the beginning. New better and credible major news outlets will come of age out of the smouldering ashes. Current American journalism has gone to the dark-side. "We the People" are finding the internet and conservative talk shows are sources of more accurate news reporting. The major news media, owned by a few rich moguls/cronies are controlling the news, distorting it to cover-up the bad government leaders and their bad socialist agendas. These few rich moguls/cronies also are controlling some of the leaders in our government through pay-backs due to large campaign contributions. Liberal talk shows have failed as there is such a small audience of listeners whom will believe them, so forget the UN-Fairness Doctrine. "We the People", the taxpayers, don't want our increasingly stolen "taxes" supporting these untrustworthy major news media nor liberal talk shows. "We the People" have found our bad government leaders nolonger listen to us, and are leading us on the path like Europe to socialism. Our American foundation of democracy is floundering and shaking. "We the People" are waiting to stop the "change at hand" that is destroying our American government and way of life by liberal American politicians when we go to the polls in November. The FTC needs to listen to "We the People", and stay within it's scope of responsibility. Read the Constitution, its Amendments, and Bill of Rights please. Read and heed, you should be concerned, I am just one of the many of millions of "We the People" that took time out to address this issue and share my heart-felt beliefs and comments. My beliefs are based on personal first-hand experience, not taking anyone elses word for it. Very Respectfully, Mr. Praska/California